Kabadi Techno is made up of two words Kabadi and Techno. The name itself gives the definition of the company. By using modern technology like Data mining, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics to provide a platform where all the chain of kabadiwalas, collectors and recyclers are bought and presented all over the same platform.

Our goal is to forecast how much waste is generated on daily basis and how can we treat the waste by fighting the bad waste management system.

The main problem we have seen is that the lot of time money and man power is wasted in transferring the waste from household, kabadiwala to recyclers.

So, we are focused to reduce these problems by providing the platform where kabadiwala can collect the waste, scrap directly from house, when the people order for collection at fixed time and good amount is paid to them.

This will reduce these three problems of time, money and manpower.

Kabadi Techno is a government recognised startup which is software based platform for smart management of waste. Our platform locate the collection door and align segregation and transporting pathway to recyclers.

User can locate his location by online registration and our kabadiwala will contact at your doorstep. User get efficiently paid from the receiver.

We provide time saving processing for the user waiting to sell his waste which occupy space at home, school, office etc

We use electronic weightage machine and other high accuracy equipment for measuring weight and other things accurately and make everything transparent with customer.

There is no transportation cost for the user to be given at the time of receiving.

Start Up India Recognition Certificate : Click Here

what we do?

collect the waste

We collect the waste junk swop from the doorstep of the customers and payback to the customer.

build a chain

We have build a chain of kabadi collector, transport and recyclers by which we collect and recycle.


We take care of the security of the waste and transport it to recycler without any health hazard.

innovative ideas

The innovative idea platform create an opportunity for the user to recover or make a new product from the old not used product.

quick Response

The response made is contacted quickly and customer did not have to wait for collector to come and collect the waste.


The price of material (waste) is being uploaded over website and total cost can be estimated by an individual.

Our Best Services

1- Quick response to the user.

2- Use of modern gadget for measurement and high accuracy of weight and other things.

3- Doorstep collection.

4- Instant payment of scrap with bill.

5- Best pricing for junks/waste/scraps

6- Skilled authorise pickup man with good knowledge of waste.

7- No transportation charge

8- A new platform of innovative ideas where user himself can reuse the material with new technology.

9- More security to the pickup and transportation of waste.